40 Days till Wedding’s Eve

Today marks the 40th day until the Wedding’s Eve of Lindsay Erin Robinson and Greggory Glenn Guerin (please note Lindsay’s middle name, Gregg’s last name, as well as the countless G’s within the name of the aforementioned man).

I decided to send them virtual quotes, hopes, humor, imagination, and prayers until the terrifyingly thrilling Eve. It’s small offering of love to my best friend and her man. 40 days and 40 nights seemed appropriate for their impending union as marital lovers and companions, as iron, salt, and water, as foe and friend…ugly and beautiful…to the very end. Oh I rhymed.   

love you both. like whoa.


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One response to “40 Days till Wedding’s Eve

  1. Lindsay Erin Guerin

    Thank you for that… for your thoughtfulness and creativity in loving me.

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