Yesterday was the notorious 2nd years vs 3rd years flag football game. Let me begin with how I inducted our team into “awesome-NESS” on the first play. I was on the sidelines, overly exhilarated and close to combusting, when I began to create my own cheer that included motions, sweet motions. I was blabbering loudly and slowly as though a few drinky drinks had been circulating my system already, while simultaneously moving my body, like an unwitting tornado (yeah she work it like that, slow motion with me). My arms were up in the air circling about pretending I don’t care when the words started to formulate. The whole field felt quiet as I spat out, “Gooooooo, fiiirrrrst years! Oooohh, yeah first yeeeeeeeearssssszzz!” Again my unwitting body movements even dropped it like I was very hot, well warm. Subsequently, a stern 2nd year voice came from behind and informed me about a certain fact, which was, “We’re second years, Heather. The first years aren’t even here.” Oh. right. Poopy pants. Retract, rewind, redo.


Either way it was a great game, too short, but nevertheless really fun. Although (sidenote), I must admit the point system (girls 9pts for a touchdown; boys 7pts) made me feel a little like Sarah Palin whenever the ball would go to a female for a touchdown. Gasp…But even still at certain parts of the game I was rooting for female usage for the sake of winning. Anotha Gasp…hmmmm very interesting, no? Ta ta darlings!  


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  1. …and wasn’t it YOU dear hedder vedder who scored the lone female touchdown for our silver medalist team?? wootwoot!!!

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