Morgan Elizabeth & Graham R.K.

This is my sister and brother. I lahve, lerve, looth, love them. It hurts. Yesterday I was informed that they’re buying me my ticket home for Christmas. Hosanna, because I have zero dinero. Thus, this post is in memory of Mor and Graham and for the memories of the future–of good tinsely times at X-mas, where conversations range from Uganda, to the hippocampus, to Graham’s 40 day endeavors, to Morgan’s future trip to the D.R.C, to the Peace Corp (wahoo!), to art, to conversationally falling asleep in the same bed during the wee hours of the night. They are beautiful, compassionate, funny, incredibly imaginative, earthy, godly people. They will call forth much redemption to this earth and I’m struck by their bravery, strength, and tenderness. I raise my glass to you both…


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