An Old Stone

An aching and truthful song is needed in certain moments of empty contempt. For me, twas needed after I played and sung my song on the piano in front of people just recently. I was solely discontent and on the verge of embarrassment, not in any condition of finding glory within me. Until I realized that I needed to let loose the image that I would love to portray to the world and within the notion of ‘loosing,’ such peace arrived because it is an exhausting and contemptuous task to “control” the world’s perception of me. May I be awkward, tone-deaf, smelly, with limited talent, at times disliked, and yet passionately flung into this life that is full, full of expelling freedom into each of us, full of glory that is to be known and sought after in each of us, full of peace who is befriended by honesty and love–all in which descend upon each of us…take it in Heather, take it in. 

Thus I share this song that’s beautiful and aching and close and honest…



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2 responses to “An Old Stone

  1. amen and thanks. same for me. plus i felt that it was an unforgiving sound system. i’m so sorry i missed you; i had to leave early. can’t wait for next time i hear you.

  2. …that is if you’re referring to free form : )

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