Snug Fits of the Not Yet

This game is one I occasionally obsess over, where my eyes don’t blink for multiple minutes and my trapezius muscles rise above my ears. I looove it at times that I want aimless, yet satisfying meandering, which results in snug logical fits as well as carpal tunnel syndrome. This game is what Jay deems as my killer of hope, however I view it as restless discontentment–provoking me into a reconstruction of my finite definition of hope. AND, most likely, provoking me away from Alzheimer’s Disease. Alexey Pajitnov, thank you for creating my murderer/maker of the ‘not yet.’




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2 responses to “Snug Fits of the Not Yet

  1. selena

    pretty sure i saw you doing that across the room from me tonight and i almost asked you what you were doing but the debates were on and those were pretty important in swaying my vote…;o)

  2. pretty sure you are a therapist and analyzed my posture accurately. pretty sure your sheer love for the Mav (as I saw it) was telling of my need for much more schooling…wink.

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