Wither & Receive, A Short Story

I cried a lot making this painting.



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5 responses to “Wither & Receive, A Short Story

  1. Autumn Brownlee

    Thank you for sharing this painting. I’m sure it is even more breathtaking in person.

  2. heather, i met you in indiana for our sweet friend emilee’s wedding. 🙂 i stumbled across your blog and i love reading what you’ve written here. also, i love this painting. can you tell the story behind it? it’s really gorgeous. do you sell your work?

  3. anna…I so remember you and your husband : )..thanks for your kind words. the painting was done during a time I was confronted with how difficult it is to give, but also how exposing and uncomfortable it is to receive from others and God–yet acknowledging the power and beauty in release..that’s the main gist.
    I do sell my work. this painting was bought by a couple awhile back, but I’m still cranking out stuff. the painting with the grid (a more recent post) is one i did for Emilee and Andrew…
    I hope you’re well!

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