Sabado Do’s

I, like many, adore making lists. Lists with fancy handwriting and bullet markings in floral, swively shapes, so when you mark it off it feels like a masterpiece than a bland denotation. Lists that contain mindless and menial actions, but provides ample and gratifying procrastination time. Lists with thorough timelines (for instance, laundry: 2:35-4:09pm), which bring such control to your mind that the chaos outside reminds you of a nursery rhyme. Lists that are color coded with an array of esoteric acronym usages, and YKWIM…Then the conoting punctuations of FINITO! on the lists are basically ecstasy, the seeming pinnacle of humanity–similar to the feeling after you’ve pooped.  

Catharsis. Release. Consummation. TMI.


This is my “Sabado Do’s” list for today (not involving excretion):

-become bosom buddies with David Bazan lyrics (where have I been?) >>>6-8 in the AM

-pick up my gorgeous bridesmaid dress at the cleaner's <<<9-10 in the AM

-go to Theological Mosaic and digest my intermittent aversions and/or delights >>>10-6

-craft my Maid of Honor Speech with all the anxiety that it unearths <<<?

-write my Sexual History Paper with all the anxiety that it unearths <<<!?!sh*t

-breathe >>>As much as possible, the AM & the PM

-final interview with The Other Journal <<<1:30-2
-catch a plane for Chicago >>>6 in the AM

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