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Well, my final interview with Zee Otha Jernel is tomorrow–momentously I share my submitted Vision Statement in virtual reality…



In 2003, Kiki Smith responded to the Museum of Modern Art with the following statement about her exhibition, “In making work that’s about the BODY, I’m playing with the indestructibility of life, where life is this FEROCIOUS FORCE that keeps propelling us. At the same time,…you can just PIERCE IT and it dies. I’m always playing between these two extremes.” Smith’s words are haunting in the sense that they call not only artists, but human beings to grapple with the dreadful exchange of our robust existence and the swiftness of our futility. Although haunting, these interplays become the fertile grounds for creativity to proliferate; to see life, death and resurrection as the conduits for creating and experiencing art. Furthermore, these grounds become the soil where paradox is bound up in freedom, fear is cast aside for reality—which may, or rather, should be stunning, shocking, and absurd, and where the minute subtleties within life are raised from the dead. With this in mind, I foresee The Other Journal as being an online gallery that necessitates those mandates. Moreover, it would be a place where the constructed kitchiness of certain theological concepts would be unearthed, meanwhile inviting taboo topics, provocatively authentic content, and a fresh perspective that is not modernly relevant to one specific culture, but (ambitiously) potently prophetic to the world through painting, performance art, printmaking, installations, sculpture, etc.

For instance, I envision something similar to this, but on a larger scale: A juxtaposition of Kara Walker’s Excavated from the Black Heart of a Negress (2002), Sam Taylor Wood’s Bound (2007), and Jim Dine’s The Confetti Heart I (1985). Each piece is particular to the artist’s narrative and experience; however as their work is brought in conversation with one another, grounded in context, how might we see the emergence of new meaning and the inter-animation of each artist’s work? How does racial identity inform the issues of spiritual ‘boundness’, despair, and the depersonalization within humanity —in addition to the fraudulence of our hearts? I foresee the opportunity as Creative Editor as an expanse to bring a vortical, yet sensible lens to discern meaning in the midst of culture and theology. It will be my delight and labor to find artists who communicate, disrupt, and enlarge the perspective and possibilities of the role of art to the audience of The Other Journal.


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  1. Heather,
    This is poetically beautiful and poignant. This, hand in hand with knowing you even slight, makes me eager to approach the task at hand even more. Your words, so eloquent and true. Looking forward to delightfully laboring with you.


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