The Urge

Tomorrow I will be giving my maid of honor speech. Sweet mother of God. Anytime I begin to think about it, I get the urge, you know the instantaneous pee sensation from nervousness. Even though I’ve been dehydrated for 10 days now (I joke, I kid), I still get The Urge when I think about speaking in front of 308 people. Just today I was beginning to rehearse the speech and The Urge happened, which led me straight to the bathroom for A droplet to come out. 

I just pray that I don’t get The Urge as I’m “emoting” the speech and then unknowingly allow myself to pee my pants, I mean really expensive, but gorgeous gown.  

Either way this wedding is going to be beautiful (besides the fact the bride and groom are awesome). Dr. Jerry Root (most articulate and wonderful storyteller) is the officiating the wedding, there are 24 people in the wedding partay (holy cow), Maggie Ritchie is singing sweet wonders all the way through (as Lindsay and the gals are walking down the aisle, Mags is humming to Kissing you, from Romeo and Juliet—I had Jr. High drool over that aquarium/elevator/kissing scene), AND we’re going to bust some grooves into the Sunday night moonlight. 

Here’s to love, celebration, and The Urge…


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