The Questionable Amniotic Gaze: Parte A

Public arenas often often often hold my gaping eyes as I locate a person, couple, or group who bear either a semblance of exhibitionism or quiet conundrums or odd beauty as they interact with each other or their self. My eye exploration is usually interrupted by the person who has accompanied me and many times the response is, “Heather! Stop it!” According to them my eyes are squinting and critically quizzical, but worse off, I’m shamelessly uncamouflaged with my staring tactics. But C’MON now, people are too fascinating and strange to not be gawked at, right? I know I mouth things to myself, react inexplicably to things, carry on mindlessly or exude etiquette-less emotions–ergo, my friend, stare at me, take notes, laugh, care, pray for me, and maybe invite me to a drink or conversation.

Sometimes I think it would be nice for our culture to not have such rigid social norms that shape people into estranged entities, where we’re disabled in seeing the likeness that exists in all of us, the tragedy, the laughter, the hiding spots we find, and the tears that roll, roll, roll down our faces over common aching. This is not in any way to detract from the utterly, fantastical wonder of each persons’ idiosyncrasies, distinctions, and the sweet sui generis of individuals, but to denote the texture of skin, the rhythm of a heartbeat, the stroll of a tear, the infinite subtleties of an iris, or the glowful expressions of being loved, which can be found in all of us at one point or another.

All of us bear commonalities as a people. Whether it’s the haggard face of a murderer or the untouched face of a child, they both possess similar familial plots, physiological structures, receptors to feel, cry, become enraged, and insatiable desires to be noticed and loved…notice my skin, my heartbeat, my tears, the details of my irises, and the way I respond when loved and I’ll try and notice yours–so then maybe, possibly, hopefully we can find peace that transcends all logic and understanding. So then maybe, possibly, hopefully we can embrace the intricate differences in each other as the weight of glory, rather than the axes of evil…

As much as I would love to continue my digression on ‘apples and bananas’ or sameness and difference, I essentially wanted to write about ‘the gaze’ or in French, le regard (oh la la). However, I will postpone le regard for another day. I leave with photos I took awhile back dealing with the gaze and its questionable moments…






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