So this project, apparently, is global, however I’ve only been charmingly inundated by it in Chicago. Thus my push to have the You Are Beautiful project swing on over to Seattle. It’s really thoughtful (at first I questioned its possible triteness) and after being confronted by the phrase, either on the sidewalk or printed on construction sites or on a door, you find yourself searching for the reasons you cannot accept such a declarative statement. I am beautiful? Exhaling of breath, constriction of muscles, and opposing memory all rake through the phrase. Yet you keep meeting the words repeatedly and in different contexts, but with the same conviction and the same honesty as before. If you don’t believe you’re beautiful, well, at LEAST the flipping sign does. But let’s not stop at a sign, why not create signifiers to show that I am signifi-ably beautiful. No? Please? Maybe? ok…I’ll utilize my own Strength (boring and annoying) to find personal signifiers that do indeed confirm my beauty. Until then, You Are Beautiful. You Are. Beautiful that is. Beautiful You Are.


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