Excavate My Corazon


Willem De Koonning’s “Excavation”

The painting is hung on a wall inside the Art Institute of Chicago, it is large and it always complicates my day. It stands somewhat isolated from the other Abstract Expressionistic paintings as it should and I get lost in it. I think there has only been a handful times that I’ve cried from standing in front of a piece of art. I’m usually alone and I usually have to stay there for awhile because (whether you believe it or not) art, good/thoughtful/skilled art, is truly complex and sublime in its communication and meaning. This painting most definitely found tears inside of my resistant ducts and beckoned them out, slowly and necessarily so.



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2 responses to “Excavate My Corazon

  1. Mackenzie Rollins

    I cried when I stood in the exact same spot. And it’s the only one I cried over.

    Thanks for sharing. You are not alone in your tears.

  2. really? come to chicago and let’s go visit it, like a pilgrimage…then we can cry and hold each other : )

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