Gettin’ Hitched

This is the ring that now ensconces my ring finger. The ring finger that is next to my demented pinky finger. This pinky is taking a proverbial turn into my hand, poor little thing, so I’ll have to embrace this dysfunction now that “I’ve got a ring on it”…Also the front piece is Jay’s great great grandmother Myna’s piece that Jay re-converted into a ring. Oh how I love it. I think it is incredibly beautiful.




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4 responses to “Gettin’ Hitched

  1. So happy for you both. Would love for the four of us to get together and share overexcited wedding stories with each other.

  2. Selena

    no comments?!? ridic. umm, let’s see….congratulations! get yer rear back here so i can see it in real life! ya hear?!? love you guys!

  3. thanks people!
    -the JL, truly, let’s get together and create more hype around this occasion. i’ll bring the champagne glasses that light up in techno neon colors and you & kenz bring the contrived tears. k? good. but really it is a beautiful time…

    -S, i just like you.

    -Hollsbolls, yeah i know. loving it.

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