The One Who Knew Too Little

Thine eyes can comprehend only too little, 

For thy heart is spewing, but venom from thy own doing

Sink thy rotten pearls into an empty shroud, 

And taste bitter fantasies of thy latent,


yet promisingly potent idolatry

The incestuous breeding of it has encroached itself upon thy beauty,

And thy justice,

And thy asserted womanhood

Dangling thy Words over the gnashing perils of thy unsettled,

paternally soured soul

Tis the day to terse my lips and blow the billowing smoke aside

And to summon the beauty that aches and bursts




And to summon the beauty that has implored to grow,

Till the horizon is no more

Mine eyes have utterly felt this laborious birth

Together he and I will tend to glory that knows not of

shambled skeletons or decayed daggers, 

But knows of love that endures through all things,


Not without ripe hope or towers of strength

This glory promises he and I, 




Thy, thy, thy egyptian entombment needs the Red Sea 

And just as he and I have seen it parted,

He and I have walked through it,

And now he and I will watch it plummet down to those who seek

Nothing but odious deaths

The kind that not only stings, but rages against, 


against thine own face

Take thy cup and drink

Take thy bread and sink thy rotting pearls

Into the absurdly, strange life

That has beckoned thou (you) and I and he to sit and dine



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3 responses to “The One Who Knew Too Little

  1. selena

    amen. i love it. you’re beautiful.

  2. thanks selena selena…love…

  3. Ben

    If I can add a word: Amen.

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