Whiskers On Kittens

This is the first scene of Dancer in the Dark, wait till after the intro around 3 minutes and 20 seconds and you shall find Bjork singing songs from the musical, A Sound of Music (how I love thee, Julie Andrews).

During the 5 minute mark, Bjork belts out a few notes from “My Favorite Things” and every time I’ve watched this scene I’m truly winded by that brief brushing of such pure beauty naturally expelling from her.

This film confirmed that Bjork, in all of her oddity, is truly gifted in a way that feels uncanny and other worldly. She wrinkles up my American, staunch, crisp, white dress shirt that I deem gorgeous and puts me into a ‘swan-stume’–

–showing me how to love and see beauty that asks not of my norms, nor needs, but of my inner desire that thirsts to be raw, childish, and illogically beautiful…

(just watch and maybe you will see and hear why I write so highly of this Icelandic lass)


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