My Heart Painted by Cy Twombly








His work gives me the pee sensation…It is so primitive, childish and wonderfully crude that I want to climb a mountain and yodel, naked. 

But I won’t. Instead, Cy’s work will be my muse for this week…



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5 responses to “My Heart Painted by Cy Twombly

  1. Mackenzie Rollins

    I sat with and photographed one of Cy’s paintings last week. Beautiful beautiful work. It was a gift to have it so close to me.

    And I agree. Its such primitive, childish and wonderfully crude work. He’s one of those people I’d love to sit and have coffee with, although I assume he was more of a scotch guy.

  2. please let’s find a piece of his work and drink, well quickly gulp Scotch and smoke a pipe–while speaking about sweet nothings…

    btw your job sounds simply divine darling, well at least when you get to photograph and be close to pieces that have changed the history of art…pee sensation…: )

  3. Meena

    Please watch the movie “Art School Confidential”. Look at the drawing by a certain student called “Flower”, at about 30 minutes into that movie. That’s Cy Twombly for you.

  4. –LOL–
    Well, I really wish you would climb a mountain and yodel, naked. It’s very good for you in this political condition we’re in and it’s also good for your heart! I’m also a painter. Take a look at my stuff & maybe “sing” a song naked in the shower … but no yodel unless it’s Swiss, not Texas.

    (I found U looking for the Cy painting at the NYC Gramercy Hotel that painter & film director, Julian Schnabel, decorated using a big Cy Twombly

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