Legions of Feelings


by the plastic covering,

that is molded upon the colors,

which are laying down in the wet grass

Underneath this artificial wrapping,

slowly, the saturated pigments bleed



The dew, upon the blades becomes,

the conduit,

for the deep reds, royal purples, and soaked blues

To spread away from the sterile overlay 

You might believe it is for the betterment

of society

That this covering is pressed down.

You might believe it is God’s voice

Commanding you to capture life

And to pin it to the dirty ground.

But one must bleed through this,

Or, at the very least saturate

one’s pigments with robust,

visual sensations,

that catches the passerby.

“Come closer” they whisper

See the hue, the tint, the shade, 

which tells a different story

A truer story of one, 

who has called all to the surface

A moment where not only 16,000 colors

are seen by the naked eye, but

innumerable emissions of life

That changes the half to a whole,

The leper to a healer,

The bleeder to a dignifier,

The failure to, “that which can be forgiven”.

May mortality lead you

To better ways than,

Plastic molds

of bygones and blind songs

May mortality lead us to,

Truer ones that ache, 

weep, lament, and yell

For more than blacks and  whites, 

But spectrums of the dawn rising from, 

the pitch dark night.



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2 responses to “Legions of Feelings

  1. pleasant read, enjoyed it

  2. S Gray

    i love your poetry…well done my friend.

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