pronunciation |prəˌnənsēˈā sh ən|


I am not an audio learner, whatsoever

Flustered and frenzied, I tried to pronounce jewery, gah, jewlry, eh, jew-el-ry as a 7 year old in front of my class and failed. The following year, I had to pronounce wuf, gah, wof, eh, wo-L-f in front of my class and failed, thus it was at this juncture that I undoubtedly grew a rising uneasiness in pronouncing words. If I don’t feel the word or have an impending sense of insecurity about the word, such as “what if I don’t say it accurately” it never works out. Doom doom doom. Even if the word is “the”…ta-hee, ta-hee, the?

Here is another palabra, in which I repeat incessantly inside my cabeza: anemone

anemone |əˈnemənē|

Whenever I go to the Aquarium, I venture to the hands on area where animoonay, aneemoni, anemone are located and stare at the label, while mouthing the foreign forming letters and desperately desiring to say it right.

Last Christmas my younger siblings (21 and 19…insert anxious smile) had to help me learn how to say Fyodor’s last name, Dostoevsky.  I have never attempted to say his last name, if it came up (which it frequently did), I would use his first name like he was my writing partner in kindergarten. “Yo Fy, how many times are you writing, ‘how now brown cow?'”

I finally broke down, came out of the ‘inept elocution closet’ and whispered “help” to Morgan and Graham one night. They speech-coached me through his surname. Truly, it took some time and laughter and an unhooking of shame.  

It’s hard to ask for help sometimes, especially if your primitive super-ego is telling you, “you should already know this…this will degrade your reputation and ability to hold a good standing with others. You’re dumb.”

F you, super-ego. Fyodor wants me to boldly proclaim Dostoevsky without any shame. And, I can now.

Jewelry, Wolf, Dostoevsky, Jewelry, Wolf, Dostoevsky are all writing ‘how NOW brown cow’. 



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2 responses to “pronunciation |prəˌnənsēˈā sh ən|

  1. Emilee

    hell of a post.


  2. Emilee

    yeah, hell of a post.


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