Totally Vertical Succulents

This is by far the most viscerally, aesthetically, and sensually provoking thing I have seen in a long time. Maybe I’m exaggerating, possibly, maybe. However, if you are one who thoroughly enjoys texture, tactility, and other stimulating design elements then you might get the chills (as I did) looking at this vertical garden of succulents.

It sounds so sexual. Because it is.

What if people looked at each other and thought, “she or he is a vertical garden of succulents”. Oh yeah. Bring on the Song of Songs talk…

It could be a great descriptor for someone who honors and embodies life, beauty, and confident sensuality, possibly, maybe…Now onto more important images, the actual image of what I’ve been oozing (another visual word. eek) about:


This is from Design Sponge, a great website for creative musings and projects…Boy oh boy oh boy oh chico, do I want one of these in my new home…

Possibly, maybe, probably yes.

Ta ta.


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