Aurora Means Dawn: Sex and Life Are Beautiful


Aurora is the notorious highway that stretches, with longevity, north and south of Seattle. It burrows its way through the heart of the city and subsequently ventures into the forgotten fringes of South and North Seattle. 

I can only speak of Northbound 99, in which motels are sprinkled, splattered, and swamped upon this leg of one’s trek out of this particular area and into something better, lets say the town of Shoreline? Insert a dramatic wink.

Well, Aurora is…just read the blog that I posted above, it will fill you in on the incredibly harrowing and comedic stories. Essentially, humanity is actualized on this broken road, though it is far easier to speed during this part of the stretch with a protocol of: remain cloaked by the air conditioning blasting through the car vents with spellbinding smells of leather and coolants fumigating your senses and music, selected from iTunes, grooves seductively into your ears.

Meanwhile sweet kids are playing “No More Monkeys Jumping on the Motel Bed” with daddy and mommy furiously trying to make ends meet. Meanwhile, more pregnancies are conceived (limited healthcare, insurance, and counseling to provide contraceptives/prevention plans, or wisdom) into fragmented family systems, thus demanding new ways to make money are birthed or old ways to end life are bridged.

Sex (the corners) and Suicide (the Aurora bridge) have labeled 99 well. Both bear physical connections (intercourse, obviously and a structure that connects one end to the other, safely) with unsettling, but mercifully understandable consequences. And yet, there is also so much more to this area generating beautiful physical, emotional, dynamic connections other than just merely, flatly making ends meet or die. 

Aurora means dawn and may we awaken ourselves to this Northbound leg of our trek and dance a little with the kids that fall off the motel’s beds in giggles, pleading for more monkey tunes…


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