Old Words Deconstructed, But Not Destroyed

I’m in my suburban home going through odds and ends. In light of my near future wedding, I found these words written around age 20. They are read and interpreted very differently after 6 years, but there is still something that appeals to my ache and current experience of deep, unrestrained love…and still hoping for more (though maybe the kind in which I’m not the damsel in distress and Jay the man on the illustrious steed saving me)

Fighting Movements


What comes to my mind about love

is so simple 

The one thing I ask 

gets lost by the waves of sound

If you only saw the cry

that came late that night

It can be answererd 

by a voice of valiance 

I put my head to the ground

hands on the earth

Waiting to feel the movement enter into my heart

by the coming of you

That is all


The adrenaline that runs through your veins

which causes the gallop to quicken

all because a belief in love

Is how the cry can be silenced 

late that night


Blindly wandering through the open fields

in the direction

where the sound is of a man

He knows no answer

but consumed by the fragrance

which takes him to the place

where the movements of her coming echo 

The place beats of passion


The victorious pursuit 

Caused our beating to become one

I put my head to your heart, hands on your face 

as the colors become surreal 

That is all


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