Dreams of Sugar Plums and Eucharist

Moi: (sleepily rubbing my eyes while trying to get my knees to bend and feet to flatten as I walk over to the bathroom. aaaawkward) Jay, I dreamt about the Eucharist last night.

Jay: Huh.

Moi: Yeah, I couldn’t get it anywhere and I was desperately looking for the wine and bread. No one offered it to me. I was bewildered.

Jay: You’d think I would be the first one to dream about the Eucharist…

Moi: (Spoken inside my brain) I care more about Jesus than you. (Spoken outside my brain) Yes, dear. Twat was my mind thinking allowing me to have the first dreams of Holy Communion?


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One response to “Dreams of Sugar Plums and Eucharist

  1. Amy Pear

    Hahaha! I love you!

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