Kitschy & Banal, Our Beloved Modern World

Jeff Koons is an artist in which I’ve wanted to hurl small, edgy pebbles at him during my undergrad education. I know slightly aggressive, however look at his infamous art and then watch an interview. Gah.

He is, well, arrogant first of all, but I suppose one must be in order to create his excessively banal works underscoring our modern world. He’s a kinda sorta cousin of the Coen Brothers (who I love), I believe. Regardless, I’ve recently arrived at a new place of appreciation for his provocations and quite obnoxious approach to the process of art-making. Thank you, I do have a rather judging heart. Heart. Smile!!!!!

Oh and yes, my pebbles are still in my now sagging pockets, quiet and sad. Maybe I will donate them to Thomas Kinkade for future usage in his depictions of cobblestone fantasies.

Elbow elbow, wink wink. Gag. Sigh and look pleasant? Then ask, “Is Thomas even an actual person?”





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