Listen To Me

*my rambunctious day in the rain at the park with Steph, Micah,Caleb, and Owen as well as this blog Steph recommended are the muses for this… 


The earth cried today

This is why you were spit out of the winding downward, metallic slope

Your body involuntary

as it flailed to the beckoning birch bed

Shocking laughter

e     n    sue    d

The aged ones locked eyes and bursted

with life while standing on the 

bed of wet tree parts

as the remembrance of

the few frames of unbidden movements

flashed before our faces,

again and       a         ga in

What if we all became 

unseamed in that moment?

Filled with surprise,

covered with earth’s tears and landscapes

while time stopped and the baptized leaves

Rose all around us,


Lifting us up so,

we could somersault through the

drop    let   s

Then gravity would slowly draw us onto sea of greens

Allowing us to roll down the gentle bank,

missing all of the craggy jaggy

arms and legs of those who exhale air for you and me

Bre eee   ath   e             in

Rest chases us into the cloud’s resting stops

The muddiness dresses us up

We all then prance,


But wait,

no, no stop thaaat!

Come here! Listen!

Don’t do thaaat!

Sweet moses.

My dried insides tighten




Ti   gh  t en

Their faces find mine

And, I’m tackled to the ground’s vulernability

with giggles, wet suits, and boots with silly horns



Be      come

to them, to me, to the freewheeling experiences of

moments without time and demand

Where elation is our mode of travel

Unseamed as I say “listen to me”


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One response to “Listen To Me

  1. morgan

    beautiful. glad i got to see the aftermath, even if it was through groggy eyes.

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