Life of Blessing, His Name Is Asher

This is a newer song I’ve written for the piano and it’s based off of My Name Is Asher Lev in which Jay and I were ruined momentarily while reading it. We had a discussion about the necessity of venturing outward from familiar traditions and thought in order to embody the creative, generative self that speaks gritty, embodied truth. This incarnate truth enlarges the territories of love and freedom. Both are very dangerous in dark hours, whereby we cling to the warm and cooing truths of others in order to not stare into the possibly grave, mysterious, unanswerable faces of God. So, a small song is due from the challenge of staring into the often unknown-ness of God, in which surprisingly and inadvertently empowers blessing to arise, uncomfortably so, but still arises with the new dawn.

 Go outside from what you know

They’ll protest to keep you home

Wear your discipline round your neck 

And don’t go past the lines in the sand

Because we’re,

bound to safety

We’re hushing all the anxiety

That we may not know, 

we don’t know

Go outside from what you know

You will find skin unnamed

Who will tempt your blood ties

So, step through lines with your home on your back

Because we’re,

staying with purity

We’re nulling all fantasy

That we may not feel, 

we don’t feel

Go, go, won’t you go

Because we’re, 

fighting against beauty

We’re loosing all sensitivity

That we may not weep

For all that’s killing you and me

Go, go, won’t you go


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