Four Months of Institution

Honey, we have been married for four months now. Here is my fact sheet on marital blisses:

I am not thorough

Jay is thorough

I pay attention to mail

Jay does not

I play my songs on the piano, repeatedly, incessantly, aggravatingly (my novice self is wearing off quickly for him)

Jay plays the harmonica insanely, beautifully, uninhibitedly (his novice self is trying to break out via noise)

I don’t cook

Jay cooks and concocts all kinds of things and creates the best hot chocolate 

I drink beer with stereotypical manliness and talk about psychology as though my life was ending

Jay drinks hot chocolate with such devotion and talks about medicated America as though she was his kid

I like to blame

Jay likes to remind me of me

I have become anxiously preoccupied

Jay has become anxiously avoidant

(huge attachment style swap)

I am restless

Jay is restlessness

I talk shit in my sleep

Jay jerks his legs wildly in his sleep

I like 2 alarms and then 10 minutes (total of 20 minutes of agony)

Jay usually is a one time and uppsey daisey kind of guy, HOWEVER lately the alarm has gone off 3-4 times, to the point of irritation. For example I will groan, “uhhhh, gaaahhhh, seriousssssly?, Jesus, Mary…gahh. it has gone off like 10 times by now…”

I exaggerate 

Jay is accurate

I love him

He loves me

I stop him to stop time for a moment

He stops me to stop time for a moment

We try to see each other as wholly other than…our mere constructs and images and ideals and demands

Wholly his and wholly mine, yet wholly free

Four months is an accomplishment, I must say. Cheers to my lover and I as we attempt to crazily fulfill this thing called marriage, no no no wait, Love.




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5 responses to “Four Months of Institution

  1. this poem is pure delight.

  2. dewfam

    i like you guys. and holly is totally right – pure delight. and four months IS an accomplishment. cheers to you both, for sure! here’s to the next four months.

  3. Amanda

    Oh, you two are quite adorable and enjoyable!

  4. thanks ladies! i thoroughly enjoy each of you and your men…

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