Kiss Kiss, Baci Baci

I miss Italy on a regular basis, basically every time I inhale, a pang of Florentine nostalgia covers me. Someday I hope to return for some time……….but for now the MCA of Chicago is exhibiting a show called Italics: Italian Art between Tradition and Revolution 1968-2008. A few of my friends took me and I loved it. Often I think Italy is permanently stuck in the Renaissance era whereby nothing will ever compare to this heightened, magnificent period of time. I was wrong. There are some daring artists over there in molto bene land. Here are some images of what I saw:

This is MARBLE! Unreal…Maurizio Cattelan, ALL, 2008

Now, this was in a series of about 10, using various famous, high design chairs. I chuckled. As much as I’m bothered by the use of females in art, I’m superficially appreciative of these rear ends being feminine rather than masculine–though, twhat to do with our Westernized minds on beauty? Regardless, this is by Gabriele Basilico, Contact (Bertoia), 1984.

Giuseppe Gabellone, Untitled, 1999. This Italiano creates these time-consumptive pieces in public arenas and then after a particular amount of time destroys them. Preciousssssssss. He leaves for the viewer only one representation of the sculpture with the most ideal angle. Infuriating.

Berti Simone, Senza titol0 (Untitled), 1999. This photographer is playing with traditional family portraiture by using random people to play these esteemed, middle class roles. However he subverts this belief of power, control, and independence via the scaffolding, crutches, wicker, and other subtle elements connoting the facade…

These 4 are but a few of the many artists represented at the MCA. Italy, art, love, drama, radical, powerful, pow! 



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  1. God bless Italy! When I visited a number of years back, I knew even as I stepped off the plane at the airport that my soul had arrived home. What a delightful place. Sigh.

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