Laden Lenten Tropes

Lent has been a burgeoning, laden, somewhat fierce season for me. This video by Florence and the Machine (superb album, I might add) delineates, more or less, the experience I’m uttering–artistically, internally, socially, etc–whereby the undergoing is of rejection and reception of death and life, simultaneously. It is both ardent and quiet; emphatic and kind; obsessive and ceremonious; sensual and genuine. Consequently, the music and expression of is layered with renderings of good ole’ Brit aesthetics, a nod to Tennyson, reminiscences of the Last Supper (questionable), tragic mythology (sold), and a passionate, intrepid voice (gasps). Florence, you are no machine and neither is Lenten praxis.

(unfortunately this video becomes disabled, but click on the link to youtube, it’s worth extending your index finger and clicking a few times)


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Filed under beauty, musica, mythology

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