The Opiate Mass Visual Installation

Truly I say unto you if you have not experienced The Opiate Mass (formerly known as Urban Hymnal) live, then surely, surely in May, when they perform yet again, you will go.

“Yes, Lord,” you obediently say to me.

There there, blessings to you.

Here are some of the photos (Copyright Joshua Longbrake) of what we (as in the new art entity accompanying the band for this next year) created for their last performance.

Themes from band: jilted lovers, absence of God, intimacy refused

Our trajectory: memories–the fragmentation of what is past or passed and remembered as well as the pervasive and incessant nature of particular elements within what is recalled.

Essentially, we sawed many odd things in half. We split things, which is a psychological “no, no” for us therapists, but critical in¬†understanding how we perceive what is gone–that which still impacts and follows us.

The evening was absolutely stunning and very well received. It was truly thrilling to see the fullness of the arts come together where the architecture (St. Mark’s) was ominously gorgeous, the music was remarkably laden and complex, yet simply and beautifully conveyed, and where the visual installation somehow succinctly accompanied both as everything jived with sweet, dark, and mystical amalgamation.

I like this, to say the least and it is wonderful to work with such gifted, humble, avant-garde people as well.

Praise be to God. Amen? Amen.



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6 responses to “The Opiate Mass Visual Installation

  1. steph

    SOoooo not haiti.

  2. Zadok

    You’re in trouble for keeping your blog from me. I love it. One day we will tour this installation and show the world what the inside of a Hammond organ looks like. You all are brilliant. Thank you.

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