A Hagiography: Marina Abramovic Immortalized

Oh dear me, yes dearheathermarie, dear deary, for as you continue this long process of creating performance pieces for Lent, the self-proclaimed grandmother of performance art is being exceptionally honored at MoMA in New York City for a few months.

Gratefully, I have seen her lecture live during my undergrad studies and it was both bizarre and vigorously daring as she spoke with such passion about her blood demanding work as an artist.

Although, how incredible would it be to hop on a plane and see her perform tomorrow. Utterly.

During this time at the museum she is undertaking a history shattering piece known to the art arena. She will re-create a solo version of “Nightsea Crossing” in which she will sit at a table everday for a total of 716 hours and 30 minutes. Meanwhile, the rest of MoMA has performance artists re-creating past pieces by Abramovic, which is truly history-making as well and maybe controversial. When considering the criteria of performance art as a form that is non-theatrical, un-rehearsed, and essentially and critically ephemeral, then one must wonder, ‘is this possibly questioning the integrity of the art form?’…

Regardless, what an idea–to enshrine what has hailed to be affectionately desecrating and beautifully fleeting. It is quite the oxymoron, I think.

And, currently, there is an insurgence of artistic energy fueling my body from looking and learning about the exhibit and that’s what I sheepishly, timidly call INSPIRATION!

A duck is a duck and thus, I’m inspired.


New York Times


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