Why I Oughtta

I’m feeling fiesty today.

I want to argue.

Debate issues.

Become shocked by ignorance, including my own. Probably not.


Be stubborn.

Stand for things with decisivEness.

Carry unwavering belief and stances.



No, find the roar.





Filed under Anger

3 responses to “Why I Oughtta

  1. Rachel Stringer

    me too, I have a lot of anger not sure where it comes from sometimes, also have restlessness…

    • rachel…lets climb a beautiful mountain and then scream for however long…hope you’re well…

      • Rachel

        sounds good, thanks for sharing, hope all is well too. I heard this song by U2 and that sums up how I feel some days. You got to cry without weeping, talk w/out speaking, scream w/out raising your voice Talk without speaking, She runs through the streets, w/her eyes painted red, under black belly of cloud in the rain in through a doorway she brings me white gold & pearls stolen …form the sea she is raging, she is raging and the storm blows up in her eyes she will….

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