The Most Delightfully Odd Swans: Christo and Jeanne-Claude

Swan lovers stay together for life, so I’ve heard.

When I was 2 I  had a real pet swan in Indiana while my dad finished grad school. I affectionately and uniquely named him, Whitey. I visited the pond often and we had long conversations about being white and alone.

The relationship deepened and once I rode on his back as we lifted off and shot for the lamely smiling moon, later we kissed the twinkling stars, and lastly we watched pigs flap their hooves. It was incredible.

Of course the swan pair I want to speak of are two artists who have been dedicated to their relationship and artmaking for decades. Decades. How amazing would it be to travel the world with your lover and create stuff for decades? Worthy of me passing out…

Although, tragically, Jeanne-Claude recently passed away and I feel knots in my stomach as I think about how devastating it must feel to loose your romantic and artistic counterpart–especially considering how many works in progress they still have left to finish. Christo will continue to execute them, bravely.

Here are some vids on them and their work. They’re all awkward in some regard. The first is the worst, yet best interview in which the interviewer makes me cringe and giggle, inducing the need to exclaim, “LOL, OMG, Like”. The second has the worst, yet best music accompanying the artists’ process of covering a gorgeous building. I want to awkwardly hop on, then fall off and then hop back on my Vespa and take off to this synth shit. Pardon my French, oi.

The third is just silent, which for some of us, is always awkward.


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One response to “The Most Delightfully Odd Swans: Christo and Jeanne-Claude

  1. morgan

    oooo, I love them. I love their documentary too. we should watch that soon.

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