Masters of Divinity Integrative Thesis Presentations

I went for dessert

Reaping immediate benefits from the toil of others

Skipping breakfast, lunch and dinner

The weak places on my teeth were awaiting

fulfillment or rather, fillings

But the moment I eased into my chair

with my hand near my mouth

and my legs crossed as my foot dangled and swatted anxious flies

I was inundated by such unmistakable, physical, palpable


The sweat of their art,

trilled and splashed onto the room

All I could do was permit one tear at a time





Reminding me,

academia can be embodied by flesh and blood

For flesh and blood are what change the world

And as mine rubbed against theirs,

I saw death,

I felt lifeless bodies of bygones

in my hands

Yet through their strength and integrity,

through their grit and darkness

I was invited to cast loose my stories

alongside their stories as they took off

Recreating something new

something of


for all to hear and grapple with

And, may all hear and grapple

with these beautiful souls

and their bloody sweat



and tears

I was blessed to say the least

And I left,

hungrier than ever



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3 responses to “Masters of Divinity Integrative Thesis Presentations

  1. wow. i couldn’t have said it better. those presentations re-convinced me that mars hill is onto something here. incredible.

    “academia can be embodied by flesh and blood

    For flesh and blood are what change the world”

  2. Emilee

    “academia can be embodied by flesh and blood

    For flesh and blood are what change the world”

    thanks for the reminder.

  3. Rebecca, I emphatically agree…such gratitude for being surrounded by beautiful and strong hearts and minds who love/honor self, other, and God…

    Ems…I am anxiously awaiting what you will do in the next few years…guaranteed I will write poems about your work and soul…love.

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