51 Hours Till I Have My MACP: OMGahhh

Thus, this rather intoxicating day, in light of my near finish with grad school is best said by Jay

“French press, wife, best man, longbrake, brueggemann lecture, brueggeman homily, chipotle, yhwh’s tabacco, tunes. a very good sunday,”

deserves one more anecdote:

(Nico’s piano playing engenders girlish giggles in my soul)



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5 responses to “51 Hours Till I Have My MACP: OMGahhh

  1. Yay… Congratulations!!!

    Did you see Jonsi in concert this weekend? It was brilliant.

  2. morgan

    damn. why did i choose today to go to work today? YOU’RE ALMOST DONE!!! yaay.

  3. morgan

    ha.. today. twice. that’s what 16 hours of work with no break does to you.

  4. Emilee

    i had to look up MACP on google but when i did i was so excited!! congratulations, a lot of SOUL has gone into all this. can’t wait to throw a hug around your newly degreed self.

  5. Emilee

    so last night i had a dream that i saw your newly degreed self. i excitedly hugged you and shouted “congratulations!” and you were also excited and said “thanks” and then you just kind of dropped to the floor and started rolling around sobbing? so maybe it’s a hard thing to graduate? mixed emotions? who knows. we’ll test the accuracy of my dream by whether or not it gets re-enacted when i see you in real life.

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