God of Covering

A rolling stone,

never feels the dampness

of rootless canopies

covering the flaws and dents of

roads always taken

The taking in and expelling of

heavy, sweaty breath

creates inhabiting moisture,

ready to incubate the encroaching,

obsessive hunger of

Mother moss, as she begins to hold her rebellious,

pious stone

The stone that paused,

formed the Nike of Samothrace

with her headless,

yet mindful body

She guides the phallic ship to harbor

Her feminine form is draped,

saturated with sopping wet cloth

Clinging emphatically to her body

as a sign of mystery

or maybe divinely,

artistic mastery

These stones


the quiet places of which

covering and stillness

denote a God

rather than produce

a devil


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One response to “God of Covering

  1. absolutely stunning. my favorite lines are: “heavy, sweaty breath” and “She guides the phallic ship to harbor”… so i don’t know what that means.

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