Shove My Mouth With Cake: You Too

I love this film. That’s it. It’s like really good vanilla ice cream in which I can eat it morning, afternoon, and evening. I can be completely dissociated. I can be completely indulgent. I can be completely in need of inspiration…and it creates some semblance of comfort, muse, life for me. Too bad I have a deep disdain for cake and too bad I have a fervent love for all things pretty. Too bad.


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One response to “Shove My Mouth With Cake: You Too

  1. okay, i am so glad you love this film because i do too (exclamation point)

    i read somewhere that sofia coppola intentionally used alt rock/pop music from the 80s to drive home the fact that marie antoinette was a moody, indulgent teenager when she took the throne, just like the moody and indulgent teenagers that exist today. this little video captures that perfectly. nice find (exclamation point)

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