Appeler un chat un chat, To Call a Spade a Spade: these people are luscious

Lastly, another Frenchy tidbeet…the oo la la Carla Bruni. I don’t think one can idealize this, rather this is truly reality. Holy mother of sex and sophistication and beauty and would someone please teach me French? A few years ago I would literally fantasize about singing Quelqu’un M’a Dit whilst pursing my lips oh so naturally as I lifted my half opened eyes to dreamily gaze at the star struck audience, swooning.

A very loud alarm clock is blaring inside and around my ears right now as though it was like the worst pair of ear muffs. Also, there’s a huge neon green sign flashing “American”. Bothersome.

Until my dreams come true enjoy her speech, voice, and good looks:


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