Blood Boils: why the word Chri****n is a far cry from Chri**

I was waiting at the dentist’s office to have my 9th, ninth, neyenth, IX cavity fixed (this year marked not only my first cavity, but 12. My jaw would drop, however that would cost another $XXXXX). I picked up The Advocate and read this story. It seems as though the anti-gay bill in Uganda, in particular, is fledgling, yet persistently becoming thee issue. This bill could possibly include the death penalty or at the very least life in prison. And, wwwho, said with breathiness, is funding such things?

Read this article. It’s really good and exposing. Though, your blood might boil.



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2 responses to “Blood Boils: why the word Chri****n is a far cry from Chri**

  1. not to sluff off the important africa story, but i just have to say i am head to head with you on the cavity count this year!! plus a few onlays, baby. and a few on root canal watch. totalling an undisclosed amount that begins with the letters 3K. and counting. it would have been double that though if tos the boss hadn’t told me about this:

    in case you’re in need. take care.

    • i’m never eating anything again and i’m installing permanent floss between my teeth. let us commiserate together…omgahh!
      holly my sister made a medical insight that i should share with you about calcium and our age and our teeth…i can’t believe i’m writing “and our age,” but i have to. thanks for sharing and relating to me…much needed : )

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