The Scent of Skin Uncleaned

God formed my breasts,

functional, deeply formidable,

and indelibly stitched to my tissue,

my woman,

my tissue,

my woman

God parted a sea of skin

folded and unfolded and refolded

to articulate,

my need to give and receive





parted a sea of skin to remind me of,

my longing to give and receive



Plea with sure that I will feel


A seam ripper loosens,

my anonymous genitalia

that God made for me

for you

Identified, Mine

since God’s hands specifically shaped,

my insignia of female

Will I look?

God looked.

Will you look?

Holy looks.

God formed my corpus of thick hide,

protective, wrinkled with tales,

oily and flaked with strong smells

of which God has inhaled

of which God sat next to in the dirt

The chemistry of God possesses,





God pulled down a stream

of waste to the ground

to the ground,

to the ground

Casting away the unnecessary

God made the unnecessary

Will I breathe it in?

God breathed it in.

Will you breathe it in?

He breathed it in.

My saliva, tears, and sores drip like hardening wax

on my chin,

on my chest,

on my hands

Consecrating my body

with these unnecessary solutions

that have necessary strength

Flesh and,

blood and,

water and,


God rippled my back

with terrain, soft and rough,

crawling up to the giver of language

and sliding down to the maker of unknown tongues

Groan, ramble, gasp, silence, chatter

Groan, ramble, gasp, silence, chatter

Groan, ramble, gasp, silence, chatter

God made these parts

that go embarrassed, unnoticed, unscented, unfelt,


Will I take all of me in?

Will I take all of you in?

God did.

God made it.

God takes all of us in.



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2 responses to “The Scent of Skin Uncleaned

  1. Oh, it makes me so happy to re-enter your blog through these words after a 5-week hiatus.

    “anonymous genitalia” makes me incredibly sad.

    I want to scream “Holy looks” from the rooftops! 🙂

  2. morgan

    i’ve read this like 5 times…beautiful.

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