Dear Margaret Atwood, you…

I’ve been told

that sometimes I


behind my words

yet often I feel

as though

my words are so

deeply inside out

that maybe


frantically conceal

the entrance

the point of


the place of

first impressions

absent of much


because God knows

and well,

my therapist too

that I hump

(too crude)

I deadweight

over each locution

that my words need

four legs

in order to move

from within

or maybe in my case

from without

I’d rather you

see me as too deep

than skin-deep

I’d rather confound

than equate the obvious

did I do it


This is my trail

I suppose

for if I don’t

hide behind

my words

I will not know

with such poignancy

the moment

I both reveal

and boldly conceal



the world around


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One response to “Dear Margaret Atwood, you…

  1. morgan

    Are you the new Margaret Atwood? In looks and words?

    I need your poems to be filled in a book on my nightstand. please.

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