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Just as our cells, our organs, and our entire organism are finely tuned to subtle internal perturbations, so too are they engaged in the physical dynamics of the world around them. A new appreciation of the integral connection of the bodymind with the natural world is changing mechanistic assumptions in physiology. Far from living on top of nature, the bodymind responds in myriad ways to seasonal change, sound, and light. A study in 1995 found that businesses in largely “daylighted” buildings experienced lower rates of absenteeism and fewer work errors. Alas, it was also determined that consumers tend to buy more when they’re shopping in the naturally lit parts of stores.

The bodymind is indeed knowing, for it creates meaning. It is sensitive to an enormous range of subtle dynamics in and around it, from which it perceives, selects, and organizes information. It makes sense of everything — its own sense — and creates an informing history based organically on past relations and interactions. It can care and repair. It can flourish or struggle cannily to survive. Each bodymind is unique and unpredictable. Each is attuned to the surrounding whole.

Charlene Spretnak, The Resurgence of the Real: Body, Nature, Place in a Hypermodern World


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