Aging Artist Statement

I visited my old portfolio site tonight and was reminded what I had in mind about art 5 years ago. It was interesting to me, I suppose. It was refreshing to read what possessed my attention and how that has evolved or remained the same over time. One thing that has remained is the utilization of ellipses. However, they are beginning to annoy me now and the exclamation mark has been, more or less, inducted into my written vernacular. Who knew?

What has intrigued me about painting is the sheer physicality of the paint, the mediums, and the surface. There has been a magnetic pull towards Abstract Expressionism in my work, due to its spontaneity, interaction, and lively outcome. The playfulness that involves my hand, the paint, and time continues to captivate my interests in painting. Another important quality of my art making is language. Above most forms of communication, other than painting, the written word has acquiesced most harmoniously with my feelings and thoughts on paper. This has resulted in a search of finding the most effective display of words within the context of paint, the medium, and the surface. The text within the painting is to illuminate a greater idea, which can only be accomplished through unifying both forms of communication.

To discreetly or overtly, intelligibly or incoherently convey my words has been a prominent question in creating a successful visual piece. Recently the path has taken me into other people’s minds in how they personally articulate the written word, which then is projected onto paper. When the language of the conscious mind is exerted onto paper, I find it to be the place of most vulnerability and honesty. For me that has been a vibrant truth. My intent has been to juxtapose these existential moments repetitively with texture and paint, enhancing and layering the language as one entity of communication—one cannot exist without the other, a proverbial romance.

Another factor is repetition, which exposes my obsessive fixations and alters my aesthetics because of its ritualistic appearance. We all have yearnings, questions of existence, and a need for more than our feeble selves. This is what I want to address- the futility of life and its compulsions in finding truth or something to acquiesce its running, rampant thoughts in the midst of a vast, honest, and internal space.

In my photography I’m also intrigued by the same elements already mentioned, although the sheer physicality within photography versus painting is seen in how others express themselves within specific contexts and without words…the eye of the camera ought to be the illuminator of a person within a place. As the photographer, or rather a conduit, I hope to create a thriving relationship between the lens and its subjects.

The exploration of all that has been created (a human, a tree, or the sea) has such complexity and seems to be intricately and uniquely expelling language constantly. I am pricked by the expressions the world gives and my hope is to reveal the beauty in others and in life. I aspire to be vulnerable, honest, and loving with the picture I take or the canvas I paint…

As I have been purposed to live, I have great conviction to purpose what I create.


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