This was for my sister’s birthday. It is an exploration of her name, Morgan Elizabeth alongside a creation-like myth about her beginnings as a heroine on an odyssey. It was one of those writing experiences that fell out of me like water for her.

The Important Beginnings of A Heroine’s Odyssey:

The White Sea Dweller Who Beholds the Creator’s Promise

The Blessing of the Undercurrent:

I pictured that tiny infant, nursing hungrily at the body that created and sheltered her and will now guide her into the wider world , and I said a prayer for her, I prayed for change. I whispered into the universe, Let her be filled. –Caroline Knapp, Appetites, p. 199

This is your name

From two earthly, earthly parents pensively


how the world might beckon you

how the insects and flora might esteem you

how the hearts and fingertips might know you

This is your name

It is one that says, “brightness”

When mood and spite lock up

the delicate light

how breaking from the small rooms

how pleading with the foolhardy crowds

how speaking into the generations ago

are all part of your progressing


You were visited by the Creator

whilst in the womb

She needled and threaded

The sea to you

As a promise of Her

painstaking and favored oath

“Sweet babe o’ mine, hath you know

my love for thee? It comes in many forms, but for thou it

enters through the sea.”

This is your name

A rhythmic pattern of coming and going,

Ebbing and flowing,

Doubting and believing,

Dying and growing

All the while being

washed over by the undulating wet salts

that cause your wounds to scream,

your wounds to bleed

and yet your wounds

to heal and heal and heal

O’ White Sea Dweller Who Beholds the Creator’s Promise

The crocheted sign that you bear

Will catch nautilus and ship

moving away as though you have missed

But, do not close your memory or look away

For there is a vow so steady and remained

Just as the birth of Venus

Came from the stormy waters

As will you with body, heart and soul—

Full of contradictions, full of inspirations

full of a deep-dwelling woman

This is your name



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  1. Kate

    This is so beautiful.

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