Marina & Antony

Can her life get any more interesting? I imagine yes. Yes it can. She is a “limitless” person, according to Lady Gaga(gogo). Touché, I suppose. I’m envious over Antony Hegarty writing and fashioning 9 songs about her life and death. It may all seem a bit egotistical–to have a whole theatre production regarding your life and death and you playing yourself, though I think that postulation is inaccurate.

Naturally you need a decent dose of big egotism in order to generate and give life to these artistic endeavors–might I add, any creative endeavor you or I do. However, what sustains these creations is not more self-preoccupation, but an allowance for release into something new and unexpected, something transcendental and transforming to both the creator and creation.

That, dear virtual reality comes from, for a lack of nuance, surrender. For which surrender enables creativity, submission does not. Submission only invites more self-preoccupation. And, there is something in the tone of this production that does not garb itself in submissive grandiosity, but rather a nomadic exploration and contemplation of one’s life and death. Surely something magical can happen.


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