Tell me, even if you are very offended by this video, that you were aroused. No? Let’s play a game: Bullshit.

I go gut-crazy over this song and video. It’s a Footloose kind of a song, one that allows me to dance ridiculously and alone in front of my enemies. I want it to be an anthem for all those who find such shame in arousal and then emancipation. The hiring of the cigarette as the stimulus of and conduit to arousal is superb. Oh it is dangerous and death inducing and rogue, yet it soothes and creates momentary relief and brings attention to: how do you experience pleasure? Do you know your language, your call, your history, your graphic, your art, your energy, your sound as it relates to arousal? Let yourself hire a cig and see how you feel with it.

We must know our arousal and be altogether friends with it.

You look aroused.



Filed under art, sexuality

4 responses to “Aroused

  1. Kate

    This is awesome. So so awesome. I don’t smoke but I might need a cig now. 😉

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