Holy Sexual Anorexic

Sex seems to be the area of life that most deeply touches our personal issues. Whatever problems we face in life sooner or later impact our sexuality. If we are chronically angry, the anger will eventually become sexualized. If we cannot tolerate closeness, we will fail at sexual intimacy. If we need to be in control, passion will elude us. If we have experienced trauma, we may repeat it compulsively through how we express our sexuality. If we are perfectionistic, sexual response will elude us. And, if we are so overextended and driven that all of our important relationships are abbreviated, sex will seem brief and overrated.
To put it another way, we can hide with sex, we can hide from sex, but we cannot be fully ourselves sexually and hide.
Our sexual behavior is a core expression of who we are.
-Patrick Carnes Sexual Anorexic: overcoming sexual self-hatred



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2 responses to “Holy Sexual Anorexic

  1. emilee

    can i borrow this book when i come? can’t find it in any one of the gazillion libraries in princeton.

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