The Nervous System

Tiles meet my steps

and sighs of relief

Their cool flat embrace


and steep my denim

until making way,

ah there are my bare thighs

And here are my bare comforts–

stray pubic hair,

lavatory water and

urine stains

More so than an exchange of


I’ve descended to creaturely bent status

This resonant den

provides cerebral warmth

against chilled ceramic safety

An island away

from the rest of the rooms

populated with erect people

making talk,

however small or large

Making attempted love,

however phony or sincere

Making something out of

the (dis)comfort

of being flesh and blood;

jittery and awkward;

alone and surrounded

I make something too

I unfold myself

and the fluorescent bulbs

emit a taint of green

while I look into my eyes,

the first real glance

of tonight


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One response to “The Nervous System

  1. Emilee

    ❤ this, yes i do

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