If I know you pretty well and something celebratory happens, I might make you one of these. Beware. Until then, let’s say hip hip hooray to Joshua and Kirby! They are engaged and Keeb’s bday is today! Jay and I were the matchmakers (2-2 btw; call us). I’m thrilled about their future and thankful that they found each other.

Love you guys!

Introducing my sloppy (yet sincere) Magritte style film (the beard signifies Joshua and the bubbly hair signifies Keebs)–



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2 responses to “

  1. morgan

    HA! you and Jay should start a biz..

  2. Zadok

    Did you misspell ‘god’ and not make the effort to cut a new piece? I’m generally opposed to paleo-human intercourse, but you make a good case for it.

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