Mew and Bellow

 The shaven cat. Hearts unmoored. Acquisition of knowledge. Lost in the Tempest. Almost-Death atop excrement. Bombs of questions. Dependency furiously searching. The deepest meow of heartache. Scourging finality. The missing electron. Shit becoming heaven’s conduit. The furry head. 10,000 index fingers. Doubling over her wail. Convulsions of reality. Litter box. Atoms upon atoms. Stares, tears, and bitten nails. Cursing life. Reckless mother. Mastery is an elusive map. Feelings entrapped. The cat. The cat. The cat.

How does she meow with such bellow? How might I?



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2 responses to “Mew and Bellow

  1. morgan

    did you write this? holy cat…that shit good.

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