Have you ever read about people from all kinds of artistic backgrounds collaborating and wonder how did they find each other? Maybe not, but I have and over the course of many years of learning Art History I have found that there are always little bundles of creatives huddling together gleaning from one another. Say, Michelangelo and Accademia. Say, Andy Warhol and The Factory whereby actresses, musicians, and artists of all mediums came together. Say, painters Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg working with writer Truman Capote or Marina Abramovic and her early Eastern European performance artists. Writers, musicians, artists naturally arriving at the same studio doorstep and casually ask, “hey you wanna make sumfin wif me?”

I imagine lots of CPR musing.

I imagine lots of biofuel.

I imagine lots of insanity.

The one thing I’ve noticed within my readings is how natural the groups formed. That is a miracle. I’ve been in many’a artsy groups in which we sit and try, yet nothing really lasts. It is an ephemeral attempt at something substantive and enduring.

For so long I have been tempted to call together a group and make us create, but my history tells me “uh huh sweetie, artists are terrible when forced to get together.” Until this band, The Opiate Mass, requested artists to collaborate for their concerts awhile back. I began to see plodding movement towards something natural and right. I have witnessed a connectedness to other artists of many kinds with this serendipitous desire to create in particular ways that coalesce quite nicely. I am indelibly grateful for what is happening here (Joshua Longbrake, join us again?)

Without further ado, I present The Opiate Mass’ newest and glorious record to you in which the band and I, with other artists, have had a symbiotic connection, influencing each other very deeply. I expect nothing but more and more beauty from them. Whet your appetite down there (that’s what she said, I know I know). And then listen to the full length record here.


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